About Us

25 Years ago, we started as a one man operation. Five years after that, we founded Floor Seasons, and have been working from the ground up – literally – since then. Our humble origins have taken us all over the floor, from high end residential spaces and the way to one room apartments. We’ve worked in property management for hotels and condos, and all of our clients have been pleased with our attention to detail and our Carpet Cleaners Guarantee; if a spot comes back within 90 days, so do we!

Since our beginning we have used only the best of equipment to ensure our customers are treated to the best in the industry. We utilize a truck-mounted steam cleaning machine that is the standard for high quality in the carpet cleaning profession. We don’t mess around when it comes to carpet cleaning – we inspect every room we are instructed to in a very precise and timely manner to ensure that not only does it look clean, but that it stays clean, and that you are able to move freely without being encumbered by our presence.

Carey has been cleaning my carpet for years. I love that he is fast and efficient. He always gives me the best prices and does a great job. I would definitely recommend him for all your cleaning needs. He does carpet, tile, couches and much more.

Cortney Brown

This company rules! We have used them for carpets, tile and grout. They make it look brand new every time- in spite of having 5 kids with muddy shoes.

Matt Frentheway

Carey ( Buzz )…. is a Master at what he does… I would recommend him over anyone…

Randy Nielson