When you buy a home or begin a business, comfort and quality are among your top concerns. Furnishings such as carpet, upholstery, and tile help to achieve these goals, but can be time-consuming and costly to maintain.

Much like plants need regular watering, carpets, and other floor/fabric surfaces need routine cleaning to ensure their longevity and condition. Additionally, cleaning cancut down on regular dirt and allergens, a problem many people live with unknowingly. A simple, yet detailed, carpet cleaning can enhance living conditions, improve the overall ambience of the room, and reduce long-term costs for interior satisfaction.

There are three most regularly used methods of carpet cleaning. These varied techniques are steam/hot water extraction, dry/low moisture cleaning, and Tru-Dri cleaning. The capabilities and usefulness of each depend on the service needed. For example, many truck-mounted services use steam (also known as hot water) extraction for heavy duty situations. The water and cleaning agents, such as soap and other treatments, all combine under pressure to penetrate and pull out stains. This method is common in professional and business settings as well.

Dry cleaning uses a powerful foam and cleaning machine to spread the chemicals uniformly. The mixture will then bring dirt and stains to the surface of the carpet in a crystallized form that can will then be vacuumed away. Unlike steam extraction which may take many hours (up to 18) to dry, this method typically only takes 30 minutes to 2 hours.

For a completely dry cleaning method, there is Tru-Dri cleaning. Tru-Dri uses a plant compound and agitation system to remove soil and frayed carpet fuzz by conjoining scrubbing, and a short time later, vacuuming. Depending on the carpet type, business or home needs, and time-frame, carpet cleaning method can be determined with a few standard questions. Each method is safe for children and pets.

While no carpet cleaning business can guarantee complete stain and dirt removal, many businesses will offer a second look or second treatment for no extra cost. The reason for lingering stains is largely due to whether the stain has penetrated the carpet backing, which cannot be seen during a routine cleaning. If you have had carpet cleaning in the past with resurfacing stains, a carpet cleaning consultation can determine what, if anything, can be done to resolve the problem. Hard stains or stubborn dirt on upholstery and tile can also be cleaned by many floor cleaning services and prevent the unnecessary replacement of unique and special items.

The benefits of floor/surface cleaning are seen immediately. They bring vibrancy back to furnishings and maintain quality after normal replacement frames. Investment in these products does not stop at the first purchase but does not have to lead to additional upgrades. Let carpet, floor, and surface cleaning bring life back to your home or office and see for yourself the transformation a single appointment can bring.