Floor installation can be one of the most expensive parts of a home, especially after damage. While having professionals do it may be convenient, it isn’t always cost appropriate. Many companies now offer a do-it-yourself version. If you’re crafty or handy, this may appeal most to you. However, it is not recommended for the light-hearted. It could even be more costly to try and do it alone and then have a contractor finish or repair.

Do-it-yourself versions recommend gathering equipment and preparing the site first. Each process is different, and you’ll want to refer to your particular kit for complete instructions. Many of the tools needed are everyday items such as pencils, measuring tapes, level, hammer, and the works. There are a few specialty items like moisture meter, and vapor barriers but those can be found at hardware stores.

Preparing the floor includes removing carpet, padding, scraps, dirt, debris and ensuring that the subfloor (underneath your incoming floor) is flat and level. Also, be sure there is no moisture, or this could ruin anything you lay down and cause problems later on.

The install it yourself floors work on the basis that (especially hardwood) the pieces will “click” in, like putting a puzzle together. For rooms that are oddly shaped, need transitional work, or are over surfaces like stairs, there may be some cutting and additional steps to do. In fact, many click and place floors are put together by professionals in a short amount of time as they are meant to be easier.

If this type of installation intrigues you, see your local flooring business or talk to an expert online. And for as long as you have your floor, remember, Floor Seasons is always here to help service it. For any flooring, we bring it back to the first day you saw it. Call or come in to make an appointment to have your floor shining bright and beautiful again.