There are a lot of myths when it comes to flooring. Carpet or Hardwood? Tile or Linoleum? These uncertainties when it comes to choosing your floors will make you want to pull your hair out. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these common myths…debunked!
Carpet Produces More Allergens
False. First and foremost, carpet does not produce allergens at all; however, fraying of carpet fibers will result in some regular debris on the surface. There have been many debates about this topic, but a study in Europe concluded that carpet is better for people who suffer from allergens because allergy-producing pollen and dust in the air will settle and get trapped in the carpet and then removed/eliminated with regular vacuuming practices. That being said, the difficulty and frequency of carpet cleaning (stains, dirt, dust, etc.) still make hardwood and tile a popular choice.

Hardwood Is Hard to Install
Yes and no. Flooring companies know that hardwood is costly to buy and install if you choose quality or popular designs. Because of this, many companies now have an “install it yourself” kit. If you have normal size and shaped rooms, they claim this to be the easier, cost-effective choice with only a few finishing steps that might require some hard work. Several companies even offer step-by-step videos and a helpline to call to prevent you from returning the item and seeking professional help. These types of systems are not glue and set but rather click and hit. Each piece is essentially supposed to fit together like a puzzle piece. With more options, the debate about costly and hard to install hardwoods now has a run for its money.

Carpet Cleaning is a Waste of Money
False. When your house looks good, you feel good. When your house looks good effortlessly because you had someone clean your floors while you did other important things…all the better. Not only does carpet cleaning extend the life of your floors as well as validate the warranty, having clean floors just feels better. Having a home is an investment, which means having carpet is also an investment. Many people get carpet to forget about it, but when a stain or daily debris makes it “just another expensive cost” it’s hard to remember that carpeting is involved in the value and investment of the house. Warranties for carpet installed in a house come up every 12 to 15 months. If the carpet is not professionally cleaned in each warranty period, it becomes invalidated and may be a shock to a homeowner who needs to make a claim after that. Do yourself a favor, plan on getting your carpet cleaned once a year and the heartache will be gone. After all, you want to keep your investments in tip-top shape, right?

Whatever your reservation is, talk to a flooring expert to get an accurate opinion of how you should proceed. And if you already have the flooring but it needs some work, call us at Floor Seasons and let us help get your house back to the way it was when you first got it.