Whether you like entertaining or simply enjoy relaxing at home, you’d like your house to be as clean as possible. But a great clean often comes with a high price – so is it worth it to hire a cleaning expert? Or would it be best as a do-it-yourself (DIY)?

The allure many people have to DIY cleaning has to do with cost. It’s no secret many professional services carry a higher expense. However, the difference usually translates to better/higher quality. While this is not always the case, there is a trade-off involved in either choice.

On the one hand, self-service carpet cleaners are good for smaller, less saturated stains. Depending on the brand, the cleaner you rent or buy won’t heat the water to the higher temperatures of professional cleaners, and they re-capture less water, which pulls up less dirt and stain from the carpet. Portable cleaners are a more feasible option for those with frequent stains and a low-budget, but not for heavy duty treatment. Repeat problem areas and lack of knowledge for DIY can easily be solved by hiring a professional company. On the other hand, finding a reliable company with a time that works for everyone, not to mention a decent price, can be a hassle.

With those important factors in mind, what reasons would make anyone get their carpet cleaned professionally?

Warranties. It is estimated at 1/3 of a home’s total cost lies in its furnishings. So technically, carpet and other upholstered furnishings are like an investment. The money that goes into these investments is made carefully and with the intention of some return, be it in comfort or resale. To help safeguard against premature replacement and loss of value, products like carpet come with warranties. Each warranty varies, but many require a regular cleaning – some every 12 to 18 months.

Others may want a professional cleaner to come to help alleviate seasonal and regular allergies. Even without realizing it, many of us track in dirt, dandruff, and other particles that cause miserable reactions. Experienced servicers have the technology to get the deeper clean required to eliminate these allergens. And when you’re already suffering, the ease of having someone else clean your house can be greatly beneficial.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to prioritize your needs and wants. Should you find yourself completely in the dark about where to begin, try consulting a cleaning company. They have specific knowledge of cleaning all types of surfaces and problems and can reduce the stress of trying to go it alone. It’s also possible that the company will be offering special deals which will put everyone in a win-win situation; It never hurts to ask. Happy cleaning!