Having hardwood and ceramic tiled floors can make life a lot easier if you have kids or pets. However, cleaning these areas can still be time-consuming and confusing. There is still a proper and a wrong way to clean these surfaces and to avoid learning the hard lesson of replacing costly floors, we’ve listed some easy care tips.

For hardwood floors:

Do not over wax your floors. This can lead to unwanted build up and hard to clean surfaces. Instead, try buffing the floor. Be sure to dust/sweep and vacuum regularly to prevent dirt from building up and scratching floors. It is also something you should do before mopping. Keep in mind that a bucket with soap and a clean cloth always works better than a mop alone.

For ceramic and tiled floors:

Please don’t ever use sponges to clean! This can cause the dirt to go into grout and tile pores. When cleaning use a soft cloth and non-oil based cleaner. This prevents waxy build up and removes all dirt and oil. Dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming is also recommended before wet cleaning.

If your floor has not been regularly kept up or has particularly difficult spots, call your local Floor Seasons representative. We know how to treat and clean all types of floors and can give you a phenomenal service that will make you wonder where your floor has been hiding all this time. To set up an appointment, or for questions, call 435-671-0930.