Carpet cleaning
We start by pre-spraying the carpet twice to create a strong base for our cleaners to work from, and then extract the prespray with a PH neutralizing rinse which leaves the carpet soft to the touch and free of residue. This treatment cycle can lift, and includes Red Stain treatments, pet urine, coffee, ink, and all the other toughest stains life can throw at you.

Our detail-oriented cleaning treatments can also be applied to upholstery as well. We use our techniques on sofas and chairs of all types of fabric. We can also clean out your car’s interior upholstry as well!

Tile and grout
When it comes to tile and other hard surfaces, we use our top-of-the-line high pressure steam wash to destroy any and all dirt and grime that may have collected on your surfaces. We cover everything from ceramic to natural stone – granite included – and we don’t stop at the floor either; We’ll take care of the countertops as well if need be.


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