Do you know where your flooring comes from? What it’s made of or how durable it is? If you’ve bought a previously owned home, you may not know the details of what the previous owner chose. If you have granite countertops or flooring, you may be especially in the dark as there are over 75 color names and varieties. Most care practices between flooring are pretty standard, but here is some interesting information if you’ve noticed granite in your house.

Granite is a natural stone flooring that is installed in many luxury homes for its look and quality. Most people prefer quartz with large crystal grains that are easily visible to the eye. Granite is found all over the world as it is a common igneous rock. Rock exposures here in the US are found in places like Georgia, Yosemite, New Hampshire, and even Mount Rushmore. However, though it is popular and pretty in a home it can be costly, and that cost derives from the difficulty in harvesting it.

Other places you can find granite include Brazil, China, Italy, India, and most recently Saudi Arabia. Most of our granite is imported and comes from Brazil, but the trends are always changing. Granite countertop and flooring is unlikely to change from its popularity simply for the ease of cleaning and extreme durability. That being said, replacing damaged granite is as costly as the initial bought piece and may have to replaced entirely.

If you’re a fan of granite and have flooring that needs to be cleaned, please give Floor Seasons a call. We are experienced in all types of flooring and upholstery and provide the quality and care that you’ll come to rely on year after year. If you’re part of a business, please call us so we can let you know our exclusive opportunities.